Wow! Thank you!

Quick update for all those following/supporting the open source ventilator project Kufema Zimbabwe (that’s “Breathe Zimbabwe” in Shona for our international friends).

We have over 80 volunteers and have raised over £1300 in the first 15 hours! Thank you all!

I’m going through all the application forms as quickly as I can, and I’ll get to your message and respond just as soon as I can. In the meantime – keep an eye on this site and sign up for the newsletter, then I can fire off a message to you all, and keep you all updated on requests for skills and resources.

I’m really hoping for a connection with the medical council here in Zim, and an medical advocate too, I don’t want this thing blocked by bureaucracy down the line… So If you know anyone, point them to me or Juliet Le Breton and/or get them to go to the website and fill in the form so we can keep track of everyone.

Much love and hugs. Stay safe, stay home. Tim

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