Small clinic: mighty impact

These people save lives.

Welcome to Rujeko Covid-19 Isolation Clinic in Masvingo.

The well organised COVID Clinic has 11 beds for patients, a well maintained garden and an exceptionally dedicated team who are doing what it takes to save lives and help people breathe.

Given the numbers of lives they’ve saved, their track record is so outstanding that public and private hospitals and clinicians across the province refer Covid patients to Rujeko.

Secrets of their success:
How they’re saving so many lives

Posted on the walls in the wards: Kufema’s instruction sheet for assembling and using Oxygen Efficient Respiratory Aids (OxERAs) to help people breathe easier.

1. They prepared well (training, practice & setting up oxygen therapy systems)

  • Rujeko Clinic received donations of 6 OxERA kits TWO months before they had Covid patients who needed oxygen support. In order to become familiar and skilled with the innovative OxERA device, the whole team watched the 20 min training video every day during May and June.
  • They also set up the equipment, filled their oxygen tanks and connected the devices to be ready for immediate deployment.
  • When the first patient arrived gasping for oxygen, they were ready and confident to quickly use OxERAs as part of the oxygen treatments for severely ill patients.

2. They use the equipment on patients who can benefit the most

  • They realised that they could put the sickest patients on the device (those who have the lowest blood oxygen levels)  – in most cases they would quickly improve.

3. They use limited resources wisely

  • They reuse the devices (after careful sterilisation) with new patients as needed. 
  • They de-escalate patients to simple oxygen rebreather masks when possible.
  • They are also able to reduce the oxygen flow rate as patients improve, thus saving oxygen for use with the next patient.

Like the Rujeko team, Kufema is also preparing for the next wave.

Just like these amazing people at Rujeko, Kufema has a small team, limited resources, and a mighty impact.

We’d love your help in growing our impact, so together we can help save more lives and help more people breathe.

By supporting Kufema you help get much needed equipment and support into the hands of healthworker heroes across the nation.

We couldn’t succeed without the incredible dedication of our volunteers, supporters and well wishers like you.
Thank you so much for cheering us on.

Please donate and share our funding campaign.

Or ask us what in-kind support is needed to keep going.

In September 2021, Kufema-donated a box of 45 antiviral filters for use with the OxERAs.


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