Meet the OxERA

An African invention that is saving lives, saving oxygen and is electricity-free.

Kufema Zimbabwe 2020 Recap: 5 achievements that save lives

We could not have done any of this without the incredible support of our contributors, donors, well wishers, supporters, family and friends. We’re constantly in awe of how people pull together in a crisis and make good things happen. Thank you so much – you’ll be awed at how far we’ve come already! We’re saving […]

We help people breathe – here’s proof!

“Kufema” means breathe in the Shona language, and that’s what we help people do: breathe. We’ve brought together an extraordinary collaboration of engineers, medics, and people who get things done, to help get oxygen therapy equipment and training to frontline emergency medical team across the country. We’re entirely volunteer based and rely entirely on crowdfunding […]

Your Situation Report for Monday 30 March

Wow! What a week, well 6 days. Going from an idea to a team of nearly 600 volunteers, plus 200 donors and other amazing contributors. We are all working hard on the design, build, management, logistics, financing, promoting of the Kufema Zimbabwe project. This entirely voluntary and open source project is getting organised, reviewing designs, […]

Amazing progress building the team

Hey everyone, another magic and amazing day. We now have over 170(!) volunteers on this project. We have lots of donations (£3,200 in less than 48 hours!) So huge thanks to all of you that have contributed. Juliet Le Breton will give you some more detail on progress soon. I ‘m just amazed at how we are […]