Small clinic: mighty impact

These people save lives. Welcome to Rujeko Covid-19 Isolation Clinic in Masvingo. The well organised COVID Clinic has 11 beds for patients, a well maintained garden and an exceptionally dedicated team who are doing what it takes to save lives and help people breathe. Given the numbers of lives they’ve saved, their track record is […]

Meet the OxERA

An African invention that is saving lives, saving oxygen and is electricity-free.

COVID-19 ZIMBABWE-2021: Beating this thing with FACTS not FEAR!

An opinion piece by Dr Austin Jeans (author of The Low Carb Companion) Introduction As we wrestle medically, psychologically and economically with a significant wave of Covid-19 in the New Year in Zimbabwe, I consider a few key pointers to fighting fear with facts as regards: the recent new wave of Covid-19 and retaining perspective […]

COVID or not: we can’t let people die from lack of oxygen

You may have heard that thankfully, COVID has not been as devastating as predicted in Zimbabwe. Yet, the lack of respiratory equipment is as dire as ever. Sadly Zimbabwe’s health system is severely over-stretched and under-resourced, and we can’t stand by while people die from lack of oxygen. Most health facilities – and even emergency […]

Perspective, Perspective, Perspective

An opinion article from Dr Austin Jeans, team lead for Kufema’s Medical Advisory Committee. As the mainstream media headlines today shout “Covid deaths cross ‘agonising’ 1 million milestone” and the UN Secretary General describes it as a “mind-numbing” figure, we are again left with a sense of overwhelming panic and fear without any sense of […]

Dr Marks & the team

Dr Marks met the team today to review the teams progress and help them with testing methods.