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How it all started

The Kufema Mission

Our primary objective is to save lives by helping people breathe in Zimbabwe.

Kufema’s work currently has 2 areas of focus:

Training Emergency Medical Teams

If someone is struggling to breathe, they need oxygen quickly. We train Emergency Medical Teams to be able to quickly identify someone who needs oxygen support, and get them onto the right form of oxygen therapy quickly. We train existing response teams in COVID hotspots, and we share our materials so that other partners can amplify our reach – we aim to get oxygen therapy knowledge and equipment nation-wide.

Donating Oxygen Therapy Equipment

We donate vital oxygen therapy equipment to Emergency Medical Teams, and public and mission healthcare facilities, so that they have the equipment they need to help people breathe. This includes our innovative PEEP Breathing device (which can be used in the community, as well as in hospitals), anti-viral filters, pulse oximeter, oxygen regulators and other oxygen equipment. 

Kufema remains agile in its response to emerging priorities as COVID-19 evolves and its impact
on Zimbabwe becomes known. While our specific focus may adapt to meet those needs, Kufema
is firmly committed to saving lives by helping people breathe.

Our Partners & Supporters

- We would like to recognise the following organisations and people for supporting Kufema Zimbabwe -

Debbie Murrell


Protonics (Pvt) Ltd

Chris Birkett

William Pacey

Blue Ocean

and many, many more including all our wonderful volunteers and sponsors through GoFundMe

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Like most nations, Zimbabwe found itself unprepared for the rapid transmission and severity of COVID-19.
Prevailing economic challenges, limited and outdated infrastructure and a lack of immediate access to healthcare resources exacerbate the country’s vulnerability in light of a pandemic. Kufema remains agile in its response to emerging priorities as COVID-19 evolves
and its impact on Zimbabwe becomes more clear.

Kufema Zimbabwe is an active member of the COVID-19 Citizens Response Roundtable, the National COVID Case Management Committee, & is working in partnership with other coordinating parties to ensure efficient and effective use of resources in the joint national response.

About US

Kufema Zimbabwe is a citizen-led, non-profit collaboration established in March 2020. Inspired by the Shona word for “breathe“,
Kufema’s mission at its core is to save lives by building & distributing Africa-friendly, open source breathing equipment
(such as ventilators and assisted breathing machines). The Kufema team of volunteers is made up of over 650 partners
including individuals, universities, technical institutes, government departments & companies. 


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